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From Sunday 6th May at 6pm (GMT) until Monday 14th May at Midday (GMT) support will be closed so please only contact us if your request is of an urgent nature but you may not hear from us until we are back again.
You are able to post any non-technical questions to the group where there are a number of users who may be able to help you. 



Welcome to the PlaneBaseNG Web Site

- Home to Quality Aviation Software for Windows since 2013 -

- available for Windows XP(SP3)*- Windows Vista - Windows 7 - Windows 8 & 8.1 - Windows 10-
* We do not support Windows XP but some users running XP with Service Patch 3 (SP3) are able to install and run our software

- Introducing PlaneBase - 
A fully featured program that manages all your aircraft logging and reporting needs

 Why is PlaneBase so good?
A fast modern and straight forward user interface that can be easily customised
New features added on a regular basis
Extensive lookup and search capability
Extensive reporting tools with output to txt, csv or doc formats
Airframe or Registration Modes
Nearly One million airframes including historical data
Airliner, Military and General Aviation data
Three logging modes including multi entry logging
Data back up and export features
Twice weekly update of data
ModeS data that integrates with our PBlink software including data export to a SQB file
Supported by an experienced editorial team
Plus many other features
PBLite interface with the power of the full PlaneBaseNG program but designed for 7/8 inch Windows tablets

- Introducing PBLink - 

A fully featured program that links your Basestation or PlanePlotter SQB 

Why is PBLink so good? 
A fast modern and straight forward user interface that can be easily customised
Works with SQB files used by BaseStation and PlanePlotter
Automatically updates your SQB file with data from PlaneBaseNG
Links your log data from PlaneBase and updates your SQB file
Many SQB update and management functions
Free populated SQB files to download
Data export functions