Latest Release:  PlaneBase V2.6111  -  PBLink V2.232  -  PBLite V1.1104

Important announcement:

The current versions of Planebase2, PBlink2 and PBlite will all 'timeout' at the end of this month.This will ensure that all users are using program versions which have the latest features and fixes. Please download the latest program versions.

The latest versions are shown at the top of this web page however versions older than Planebase2 - v2.61  PBlink2 - v2.23  PBlite - v1.11 will stop working at the end of January.

Once you have updated to the latest version of PlaneBase2 then please download ALL databases regardless of whether you use them or not.

Also from Monday 5th January the full Data update will be released on Tuesdays and the Airline/Exec on Fridays



PlaneBaseNG is a fully featured product that manages all your aircraft sighting logging and reporting needs.

Why is PlaneBaseNG so good?

It’s fast, Straightforward, clear interface

Extensive lookup and search capability

Simple and flexible reporting tool (output to txt, csv or doc formats)

Supported by an experienced editorial team

SBS Basestation/PlanePlotter link utility – sqb file auto populates from PlaneBaseNG

Supports Airframe or Registration Modes

Unbelievably, it’s FREE

NOTE: PlaneBase and PBLink are NOT supported under Windows XP 

For Program download instructions or queries

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