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Word Book

Produce your own quick reference book to carry around with you

Produce a list by country or region and know what you need

Choose what you want to include

You can even underline your sightings!

Use colour and/or symbols to highlight what you need the way you want to see it

Available for Jets, Props, Russian, Bizjets, Biz Props, Exec Liners and Mil Transport

Fully Customisable to suit your own requirements and once run you are able to print or save to carry around on a portable device

Please note for full functionality PlaneBase requires a full version of Microsoft Word to be installed on your PC and also works with Office 365.
This currently does not work with any other software or Office starter editions

 A feature limited version of Word Book can be produced in text format without the need for Word to be installed
Please move down to the bottom of the page for an example

To download an example of a European based Bizjets book in PDF format then please click Here 

Below: Example of a Jet report for the UK showing sightings and required using Colour

Below: Example of a regional report for Africa in Jets showing sightings and required


Below: Example of a European based Bizjets showing sightings and required


Below: Example of a report for Miltary transports in the US showing sightings and required


Below: Example of a Text report for Jets in Ireland showing sightings and required