LATEST RELEASE: PB3 V2.7 - PBL V3.8 - PBLt V2.9 - PBmini V1.7

The downloads page will be offline until sometime in January 2019 and we will not be able to accept any new users until then.  



User Portal

User Portal for New and Existing users

If you are a new user and have been sent download details and a PB Serial number or you already have a PB serial number
then you can download the latest programs and installer here.

Existing users can download the installer and password to reinstall or update the same PC or request a new installation 

Please enter your e-mail address that you used when you registered and your PB Serial number that was sent to you.
Important: Please enter your PB serial in the following format - PB1111

If you receive an error then please make sure that you have entered the details correctly and that there are no spaces
Your registered details can be found in PlaneBase - Main Menu > Help > Version

If you need assistance then please contact support