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The end of March sees the fifth anniversary of PlaneBase

To get Planebase out there to you all there are operating costs and of course not forgetting all the time and effort put in by the PlaneBase team that willingly give their time to produce all the program and data updates. 

As a show of your appreciation for all our efforts, from now until the end of March, we would like to offer you the chance to donate to PlaneBase. Please click on the donate button above 


PlaneBase terms and conditions

Terms & Conditions (Updated 2nd November 2017)

PlaneBase, PBLink, PBLite and PBMini are enthusiast products and one copy of each program is supplied free of charge per user licence.

A unique user licence is required for each PC that the software is installed on and these details should not be shared with other users or made known publicly.

Users may have a maximum of 2 installations and any further installations may be permitted at the discretion of the PlaneBase support team.

Usage Policy
From April 1st 2017, our policy is that we will allow users that donate and support Planebase to have more than two installations. 
Users that have more than two and haven’t donated will not have any installation removed but if a replacement installations or reinstallation is requested then they will be denied In this situation a user cannot exceed 2 installations until the following April, subject to any donation made

A valid email address and a full and correct name is mandatory. The same details must be used for each installation. (updated 20th August 2017)

Planebase installations should not be copied between different PC’s and by doing so will prevent the programs from working correctly.

Every effort is made to provide and maintain reliable programs and data. However, you install and use the programs at your own risk and no responsibility is assumed by the author for any loss of data, corruption or errors that may occur by using the programs. We will provide support to users for program installations and usage. This is limited to our products and users are expected to understand and maintain their own systems and anti-virus products. In exceptional circumstances, we may offer extra support which may incur a cost to the user.

Users are expected to read the manuals before contacting support and make sure that the programs are running the latest versions and that the data is up to date. When contacting the Support Team then be aware that it can take up to 24 Hours to reply to you although it is normally a lot quicker. Support may not be available over holiday periods.

It is recommended that all users join the user group on Google. Program and update announcements are made here.

Users are responsible for backing up their data on a regular basis and should be aware that their data is not stored on our server in any format.

Users are expected to remember their PB Serial and registered email address

PBLink uses certain fields in the sqb file which may conflict with other programs that can access the file. It is recommended that PBLink is the only program that can access and update the sqb file.

We can accept no responsibility for any data confliction and/or errors that may occur by using PBLink and it is recommended that a regular backup is made of your sqb file and before using PBLink for the first time.

By installing our software, you agree that your name, email address, PC operating system details and usage details of your installations to be stored in our user database.

We will ensure that your information is secure and will not sell, distribute, or lease your personal information to third parties and that your data is stored securely.

Any user found to be breach or conflict of any of the terms and conditions detailed in this document or found to be misusing the software either by deliberate or accidental intent will be purged and have their details removed from the user database. Such action may result in a ban.

Our current policy is that existing users can sponsor a new user and as such it is expected that both users know each other. Any user found to be offering a "sponsoring service" to users they dont know may find their membership revoked. Ultimately Sponsors are responsible for the users they sponsor (updated 10th August 2017)

Important: All users are required to keep their software and data up to date.

Users can view the details of their installations by visiting the user portal found at The information here reflects the data held in our system. New or updated programs are generally released every 4 months and users are required to update their programs for them to continue to work. Program updates are announced in advance of expiry and details can be found in the help menu in the programs.

Full data updates are normally published every Wednesday no later than 21:00 UK time and announced on the PB user group.

Important: Regular purges are carried out to remove inactive installations.

We will always contact you at least twice by direct email before removing your installation/details from our database but if we do not hear from you and you don’t take the appropriate action then your details will be removed.

Any user that is purged or has an installation removed may wait for up to 90 days before they/or the installation are reinstated. This period will take effect from their next contact with us and any decision made is at the discretion of the Planebase Support Team. Purged users may be given the option to pay £25.00 and be reinstated within the 90 day period and they will be reinstated within 48 hours of the payment being received. Payment can only be made using PayPal (updated 22nd October 2017)

Users should be aware that it is not guaranteed that they or the installation will be reinstated. PlaneBase Mobile users need a valid PB Installation for the app to work.(updated 22nd October 2017)

By installing PlaneBase software then you agree that you accept these terms & conditions.

PlaneBase Support Team 1st April 2017 (Updated 22nd October 2017)