LATEST RELEASE: PB3 V2.7 - PBL V3.8 - PBLt V2.9 - PBmini V1.7

The downloads page will be offline until sometime in January 2019 and we will not be able to accept any new users until then.  




If you request help from us then it would be helpful if you could provide us with the following information:- 

Your PC operating system PC specifications i.e. Processor, Amount of RAM memory etc 

What Anti Virus software are you using

Details of the problems you are having i.e. Error message codes displayed

What you were doing when the problem occurred

A screen shot showing the problem and/or error message


Things to try before contacting us:-

Download the latest version of PlaneBaseNG or PBLink

Download " All databases" in PlaneBase NG

Reboot your PC and make sure that it is working correctly

Check on this site and see if the problem has been reported 

Read the manual and check you have set up the software correctly

Read the manual and understand how the program works

NOTE: If you send in a request for PB Support, your request will only be dealt with if you are a current member of the PB Google Group as your issue may already be a known one and advised as such on the group.



Remote Support

In order to help you with any issues that you may have with PlaneBase or PBLink

We would ask that you download and install Team Viewer so we can remote access your PC and assist you.

This can be downloaded from


If we need to access your PC then we will ask you for your ID and password.