LATEST RELEASE: PB3 V2.7 - PBL V3.8 - PBLt V2.9 - PBmini V1.7

The downloads page will be offline until sometime in January 2019 and we will not be able to accept any new users until then.  





Works with Windows XP(SP3)*, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 10
*Windows XP is not supported and installation is attempted at your own risk. If installed please be aware that not all features will be available

The latest version of our fully featured program with a new modern interface

Customise - Colours - Registration  Mode - User Options - Jets, Exec, Military, GA and Helicopters
ToolsText Search - Photo Log - Flight Log - Personal Log - Google Earth Data 
Search - ​Full Search capabilities - Type - Airline - Base - Hex code - Filtered Views - Logged Data - AMARG List
Reports - Country Base List - Country Operator List - Needs List - View Logs -  Word Book - Custom Reports - Detailed Analytical Reports
Print - ​Text File - MS Word - MS Excel - e-Mail - SQB
Downloads - New Programs - Data Downloads - Optional Features
SBS - Fully integrated with PBLink - Your logged sightings added to your SQB file - Export data to your SQB file 

Plus many more features 

The main screen which allows you access all the main program functions as well as access to searches and information with a simple click



Easy Logging  is possible from the main screen from a search and then allows single logging or Autolog and access to Multilog

The Multilog screen allows a list to be input one registration at a time or from a cut and pasted list and then process multiple registrations at the same time


Simple filters and one click allows lists to be displayed showing what you want


A detailed text search allows data look up from a cut and pasted list formatted for most styles of lists


Selecting a search from an airline name or code will display a list and allows filtering by needed, seen, active etc


Customized and complex reports can be created through the main reports screen ready to print or export 


Logged aircraft data can be displayed and manipulated through view logs


Regular data and program updates can be accessed and downloaded through a simple interface


Logged data and settings can be easily backed up for security or used to import data to PlaneBase on a different PC


Download PlaneBase from our download page found Here

Software installation and usage disclaimer

PlaneBase and PBLink are enthusiast products supplied free of charge.
Every effort is made to maintain reliable systems however you install and use the the programs at your own risk
and no responsibility is assumed by the author for any data loss, corruption or errors.

 It is the responsibility of the the user to back up their data on a regular basis.

 It is recommended that you back up your existing SQB file before you use PB Link.

****** By installing our software you accept these terms ******