LATEST RELEASE: PB3 V2.7 - PBL V3.8 - PBLt V2.9 - PBmini V1.7

The downloads page will be offline until sometime in January 2019 and we will not be able to accept any new users until then.  





PB Lite is designed mainly for 7 & 8 inch Windows 8.1 Tablets but is downloadable to work on any PC that has the full PB Program running on it.

 Hope you like the new PB Lite. It is fairly self explanatory if you are fully up to speed with the current PB program and how that works.

To install PB Lite, go to Downloads within PlaneBaseNG,

Press the PB Lite button. Press OK, Open, double click pblite_unzip, Run & Extract. PB Lite will open.

To create a desktop icon, close PB Lite, go into the Planebase folder on your c drive and send to desktop from there

A guide to installing PlaneBase/PlaneBase lite on Windows 8.1 tablets can be found here