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PBLink Error Messages

Error Message: Program has Timed Out

PBLink has a program time limit and when that is reached you need to download the latest version.


The time limit is added to make sure that everyone is running a similar release of the program.


From the main menu in PBLink select Help>Download Latest program Version and the install the downloaded file


Error Message: Missing dhRichClient3.dll and sqlite36_engine.dll files

When you try to set up PBLink this error is displayed as essential files cannot be found.

Although these files should be installed by default, in some systems they are not installed correctly.


The following files need to be in the C:\Planebase folder



If the files are missing then they can be downloaded from dlls.exe


Please insure the files are in the C:\Planebase folder and then try the PBLink setup again.

Error Message: run time errer 3183..Not enough space on temporary disc.

This message appears after PBLink has been run continually for a extended period and a lot of aircraft have been picked up.


Solutions to prevent this include:-

Don't run Base Station and PBLink for over 24 hours especially if you will pick up over 2000 aircraft in this period.

 Please restart Base Station and PBLink so a new session is created

Increase the size of your paging file within the Windows operation system

 Click here to find out how to do this in Windows 7

 The process is similar in all versions of windows


Change your settings in Base Station to reduce the size of your active session

 Open Base Station and from the Main Menu, select Settings>Data Settings

 Make a note of the settings in the four boxes and change them to the settings below

   Position Lost - 15

   Signal Lost - 15

   Remove - 20

   Delete - 30


This will remove details from your aircraft list 30 seconds after you have stopped receiving a signal from the aircraft. You can change the figures to the value that suits you. All the aircraft that you pick up in that session can be viewed using Base Station Reporter as normal.


Error Message: 429

If Error 429 is shown when PBLink is operating, please try the following: 

   Check that files ‘dhrichclient3.dll’ and ‘sqlite36_engine.dll’ are located in the ‘c:\planebase’ folder . If these files are missing please see separate solution

   Set the UAC to its lowest level - This is found in Start Menu>Control Panel>Users
   Run  PBLink as administrator (right click the program icon) then run the ‘Help > setup’ option 
   If that does not solve the error, copy ‘sqlite36_engine.dll’ to the ‘c:\windows\system32’ and ‘syswow64’ folders and try running the program again


If you are unable to resolve the issue then please contact us at


Error Message: permitted number of unknown entries exceeded

When PBLink is started the following error message is shown.


“permitted number of unknown entries exceeded. Use the ‘update’ facility to populate the unknowns”


When OK is selected PBLink continues to open.


When you try to update using PBLink  the message appears again and the programme closes.


This behaviour is caused by a SQB file that has corrupted data or is not compatible with PBLink. 


The maximum amount of unknowns that PBLink can handle is 10,000


The solution is create a new SQB file through PBLink 

    Main Menu > Update DB > Copy/Backup DB


An empty SQB file can be downloaded on this page and is provided at your own risk.


Error Message: The Application is already running

This message appears when PBLink is already running. This can happen when you click on the PL icon when the program is already open. 


In certain situations the interface may not be available on the screen and you are unable to use PBLink. 


The solution is to use Windows Task Manager to shut down PlaneBaseNG

   Open Windows Task manager
   Click on the "Processes" Tab
   Find PBlink2.exe in the list and highlight the name by left clicking on it
   Then click the "End Process" Button
   Click on "End Process" in the window that pops up.
   Close Windows Task Manager


Open PlaneBaseNG by clicking on the desktop icon.


if this situation happens repeatedly then please let us know.


Error Message: impter error 3021 Position A

If you use the "Update Basestation Fields" function and any of the following error messages appear

impter error 3021 Position A 


bstner error B Position D Reg


bsteneu error 0


blerr error 3061


impter error 55 postion b


followed by "update complete"


It is likely that you have corrupted or incompatible data in your sqb file. Please contact us for help or replace your file with an new empty SQB file 


Error Message: Component glxpbuttonz.ocx or one of its dependencies is not correctly registered

If you receive the following error message when you use PBLink

Component glxpbuttonz.ocx or one of its dependencies is not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid


This means PBLink has not installed correctly. Installation requires the program to be run as administrator otherwise this error will occur.


SBS download instructions:


With the main PlaneBase program closed, right click your PB desktop icon and Run As Administrator


Go to Downloads and in Other Files click on PBlink2 and press Yes. This will load PB Link on to your c drive


Open c drive, open Planebase folder and right click on pblink2 Application and send to Desktop.


Open PB Link go to Help and Download the Manual. You can now run the program normally

Error message: 3031 - Not a valid password

If this message is displayed then please update PBLink to the latest program version.