LATEST RELEASE: PB3 V2.7 - PBL V3.8 - PBLt V2.9 - PBmini V1.7

The downloads page will be offline until sometime in January 2019 and we will not be able to accept any new users until then.  





Works with Windows XP(SP3)*, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 10
*Windows XP is not supported and installation is attempted at your own risk. If installed please be aware that not all features will be available

PBLink 3 is a fully functional program that links your sqb file to PlaneBase
Works with Basestation,Plane Plotter and any other software/hardware that uses a sqb file
Live updating will populate aircraft received for the first time including your sightings (if you use PlaneBase for logging)
New interface with enhanced features and looks
Full search capability within the sqb file or in PlaneBase
​Logging function from PBLink that will update PlaneBase
​Supplementary sqb table for storing tactical codes
Customized interested by Registration, Type or Airline
Alerting function with audio,e-mail and screen alerts
Powerful tools for updating the data held in the sqb file
New super speed when updating the sqb file 
Enhanced reporting to file or by email including auto send
Download pre-populated sqb files that are updated regularly

Important Note: PBLink has been designed for users of PlaneBase to integrate their sightings and update their sqb file
PBLink currently uses userstrings 4 and 5 which may conflict with other programs that access your sqb file.
It is recommended that PBLink is the only program you use to update your sqb file otherwise data corruption or errors may occur.

Main screen with logging function activated


Main screen processing data from Basestation

Main Screen showing the new menu layout

Visual alert panel that can be used in conjunction with the other alerting methods


The database Updating screen to update and control the data the way you want it


Database view screen with the ability to see all data in the sqb file or just a selection


Enhanced Reporting with the ability to design the report and either print it and or email it (automatically if required)

Example report to a txt file

Software installation and usage disclaimer

PlaneBase and PBLink are enthusiast products supplied free of charge.
Every effort is made to maintain reliable systems however you install and use the the programs at your own risk
and no responsibility is assumed by the author for any data loss, corruption or errors.

 It is the responsibility of the the user to back up their data on a regular basis.

 It is recommended that you back up your existing SQB file before you use PB Link.

****** By installing our software you accept these terms ******