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PlaneBase3 -  PBLink3 -  PBLite2
for  Windows XP(SP3)* - Windows Vista - Windows 7 - Windows 8/8.1 - Windows 10 
*Windows XP is not supported and installation is attempted at your own risk. If installed please be aware that not all features will be available

PlaneBase Program Download for New Users Only
Existing users please use the User Portal

Downloads are closed to new users until 2nd May, existing users please use the user portal

Downloads are available for new users with a sponsor
To keep PlaneBase free we can no longer offer unrestricted downloads to all.
We are happy to accept new users if you have a friend who can sponsor you

New Users without a sponsor

If you are not able to provide details of a sponsor then we will consider your application based on the details you provide.

Please Note

PlaneBase and PBLink are desgined to be used by spotters who log their sightings
If y
ou are just looking for a pre-populated SQB File then we provide Planeplotter with a monthly update and our data is used to update VRS.

Please complete the form below and all requests are manually approved so please allow 24 hours to hear from us.
By completing the form you are accepting the conditions below

Please read our full tems and conditions found here

 Software installation and useage disclaimer

PlaneBase, PBLink and PBLite are enthusiast products supplied free of charge. Every effort is made to maintain reliable systems However you install and use the the programs at your own risk and no responsibility is assumed by the author for any data loss,corruption or errors.

It is the responsibility of the the user to back up their data on a regular basis and it is recommended that you back up your existing SQB file before you use PBLink.
By completing this form and downloading and installing our software you accept these terms & conditions.

Personal Data
Completing the form will require you to provide your name and a valid email address​ and details regarding your operating system and IP Address are logged
By downloading our software you agree for your data to be stored in our database. 
We are committed to ensuring that your information is secure and We will not sell, distribute or lease your personal information to third parties
User registration is required to download and install and use our software


All users are required to keep our software and data up to date. Regular purges are carried out to remove inactive users.
We will always contact you before removing your details from our database but if we do not hear from you and you dont take the appropriate action then your details will be removed