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Hi any chance you can display the latest program version numbers on the website so we know whether the program needs updating as with Planeplotter

By stuart (not verified)

May I take this time to thank you all for your outstanding work and for an absolutely fabulous piece of kit. WELL DONE all concerned. Chris.

By Chris (not verified)

Just been playing around with this "wordbook" feature - superb ! Great stuff and a great edition.

Cheers Aidy.

By Aidy (not verified)

Hi Kev, Malcolm and all

as probably amongst the first to perform the downloads as instructed I can inform you that it all worked successfully . Good job done by all. Thanks, Al.

By Al (not verified)

Good morning everyone,

The Word book function is truly superb, I suspect many publishers will be looking to their laurels.

Keep up the excellent work

Very Best Wishes, Bob.

By Bob (not verified)

Love the new word book options, What a great program PlaneBase2 is many thanks to all involved for there time and hard work. Kevin.

By Kevin (not verified)

Hi Kev/Malcolm,

Absolutely Brilliant edition to PB2 – thank you so much for designing this, this program goes from strength to strength.

All the best Mark

By Mark (not verified)

Hi Kev,

I downloaded planebase2 with no problems and is working as normal. The wordbook looks great when first used it.

Thanks to all of for you for hard work you put in.


By Graeme (not verified)


Just a quick note of thanks. I still can't believe the PB crew do this for free, I work in IT and the "Pros" could learn a lesson or two from you guys :-)



By Steve (not verified)


just a quick mail to thank you for such a great product. Myself and my young son love using PlaneBase, he keeps checking for the latest easyJets / BA's. The regular updates are just awesome. Running version 2.6003 with no issues, in fact I'm sure the search is quicker.

Finally looking at Windows 8 tablet options. Can you confirm that all that's required to run PlaneBase / PlaneBaseLite is a Windows 7 / 8 tablet and that MS Office doesn't need to be installed (would just use the tablet for searches, would run reports only from my laptop). Found a couple of good looking items but unlike most they don't include MS Office.

Keep up the great work, astonishing user support and updates. 5 stars!!!



By Mick (not verified)

Hello Mick,

You don't need to have Microsoft Office installed to run PB. It is only needed for some of the reporting options.

By Rob Aldridge (not verified)

Hi Kev, Wow !, I Do not know what to say "Bill Gates". What a memory ! Works perfect all present and correct File Version spot on and 3 Files updated 07/09/09 Dec 2014.

Many thanks for your time and your continued efforts. Thanks to all the team who has made this happen.

Cheers Kev. All the very best wishes.

By Darren (not verified)

Hi Kevin,

Installed it with the new version on the Asus T100, worked like a charm.

Again thanks for all the effort you guys put in! I’m impressed with the new functions



By Ronald (not verified)

To Everyone At Planebase,

Having been a user of your excellent database for many months now, I feel it is time for me to add a few comments of my own to the range that so many members have done in the past.

This evening, I downloaded the latest version of the programs, the updated databases and the word book. I'm the first to admit my computer knowledge is not the best, but even I with limited brain cells can accomplish such as easy task, especially when the instructions are so simple to understand.

I would like to offer my sincere thanks to every single member of the PB team, in every capacity, for their amazing efforts, and tireless dedication to maintaining the database to such high levels.

Knowing that you all have full time jobs of your own, and the very fact that this is a free service, it makes me all the more appreciative of your time and efforts. It therefore is sad to see a minority of users abuse the system & fail to remember the points raised.

Seeing the word book produce an underlined product for registrations seen (I decided to test the Netherlands register), gave me huge delight. It reminds me very much of the previous company's offering that I used to use, only PB is vastly superior and immensely more up to date.

So, thank you everyone for making my hobby so much easier, so much more interesting & vastly more rewarding than ever it has been before.

Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas and a prosperous and healthy 2015.

Kind regards

By Paul (not verified)

Kev, Malcolm and team

Would like to express my appreciation of this latest version, especially Word Book.

This is a real leap forward.

Finally can create workable documents and saving to my office 365 account, can now access relatively live databases via my iPhone and iPad.

Many thanks for all your hard work and especially responding quickly both to enhancement requests and resolving any issues that arise.

Thank you

Mark D

By Mark D (not verified)

Also to Kev Malcolm and the team,

Totally agree with Mark that this must be the best program to date to cover the needs of today's enthusiasts.
You must all enjoy working on the project and I hope that all the other users appreciate the time you give
and not quibble when the odd glitch appears.

I cannot imagine what you will come with next but then that's part of the excitement.

Have a great Christmas and that goes out to all users as well.

Kind regards, Geoff

By Geoff (not verified)

I must congratulate all the people involved in making the software available to us enthusiasts.
The addition of wordbook is superb so to pblink and pblite.
Also the support is superb considering the amount of time they put in to this and there other commitments they must have.
The new web site is excellent too.
I, like many people have seen this truly remarkable software go from strength to strength.
Did I read somewhere there is at least 1million records in this program? WOW
I have a Linux 10.1 tablet I bought for sbs1 and planebase ,sbsplotter and vrs are also installed ,so when time allows I'm testing all the software which looks promising.
May I once again say on behalf of us all , thank you very much .
Have a merry Xmas and a good new year

Graeme milne in Aberdeen uk

By Graeme Milne (not verified)


Many thanks for the help you , Malcolm and the rest of the team put into updating the database and programme itself and the support you provide.



By Lee (not verified)

Hi All,
I would like to wish the whole team at Planebase a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

The work you do to make the database the best there is can only be described as phenomenal. It's greatly appreciated by me and many others, keep up the good work.


By Brian (not verified)

Hi Guys
Just a quick thanks to all for your time & contributions to put together this FREE database.
Have a Grt Xmas & 2015.

By chris a (not verified)

Hi , I am new to this database but looks excellent, my existing logs are in MDB format, is there anyway to convert this so it can be used in this database.

Many Thanks for any helps.

By Paul Dyson (not verified)

Came across this by accident over the festive season to which I wish Planebase and all involved a happy festive season and new year for what is left of it. Can I just say that I am completely gobsmacked at how comprehensive and excellent this program is, and that as you say is completely free which is unbelievable! How you provide this free is beyond me, but I am not complaining and certainly appreciate all the hard work that the Planebase team have provided us with this amazing program.

Just one small complaint, my brain is going to end up being fried with the enjoyment of working out how to use the program and all its features fully, to which so far has been a complete joy.

Seriously through, thank you ever so much and I hope I dont bombard you with dullard questions, and if i do please forgive me!

Kind regards,


P.S. I dont suppose anyone fancies putting all my data into this program? it dates back to 1974 starting with Exeter and Yeovilton airshows my late father used to take me too LOL!

By andy Floyd (not verified)

I also found this by accident and I love it.
Sent my logs for the team to convert and was dong in a few days, also they have a cracking program to manually convert logging's that they cant do, took me 3 hours to convert 666 logging's.
Still getting used to it but I love it so far.

Paul Dyson

By Paul Dyson (not verified)

I consider myself very lucky to have joined Planebase at an early stage in its history and have been able to watch it grow into the GREAT program it is to-day. Many thanks to all responsible. I used to use another logging program [I wont say witch one] . However this knocks spots off it.

Thanks again Mike P

By Mike (not verified)

Am just creating my first Word Book, and it is now looking great. Unfortunately my first attempt was made using Office 95 (yes some of us still have and use that version!), but that doesn't work, so I have had to instal a later version of Word, so there may be a limit to the Word versions that will work with this report.

Happy New Year to one and all

By Phil Stevens (not verified)

Hi guys
First may I say that this database is fantastic, My logs from 1962 to date have been kept on an Excel spreadsheet so transferring them is dead easy.
The amount of data you have is also amazing, c/n data for some of the older aircraft has been so difficult to get until now.
A small problem has arisen though, since the last version (2015) was downloaded, the search facility has gone sour. The programme responds to any search with 'not responding' but does eventually find the data after a wait of up to 56 seconds. Is this my computer or has something gone wrong with the search element of the software?
I have 1 meg of RAM and plenty of space on the hard drive, also a fast processor and Office 2010.
I did try a second download incase the first was corrupt and redownloaded the databases but no improvement - has anyone else had this problem?
Keep up the good work

By George Candelin (not verified)

Just downloaded and set up PlaneBase. Very easy to set up and incredibly useful. Many thanks to you all.

By Simon (not verified)

I have almost completed a trip away with Planebase & PBlink and it's been the best trip ever.. Using Planebase, PBlink and my Mode-S receiver has made things so much easier and made light work of tie-ing up, searching, logging and reporting - and if something needs adding/amending its easy to send via Planebase. I have used the other databases fully, and spoken to there support and they come nowhere near, and you have to pay them! Planebase is free, and fully featured - What more could you want! Keep up the good work guys. You have nothing to lose - try it!

By Jason (not verified)

I would like to congratulate you all for the excellent database. I have been using it just over a year now and the whole package is excellent. Many thanks for all the time and effort that clearly goes into it , keep up the good work

By Alan Clark (not verified)

Hi Planebase team

I would like to thank you all for the new pblink3 which looks great.

I have not had much time to put it through it paces but I must say the merging of the icao op and type has saved me hours of work possibly weeks.

I used the tail logos then the side logos ,as the op and type logos are available I much prefer this setup.

One thing I have noticed is that if no type is available but the call sign shows eg. Sht ,the opflag does not show in the basestation.

Maybe I've missed something( yes I have ticked all 3 boxes)

Anyway many thanks for all your hard work and allowing us to share your software and data.

Kind regards


By Graeme Milne (not verified)

Morning All

I took the time to read the download instructions several times before I downloaded PB3

All went well no problems congratulations to all the team for all the effort that I understand went into its development

It certainly has come a long way from the first version well done to all



By Mick Walsh (not verified)

Just to say thanks for all the hard work done on this piece of Software. Makes logging so much easier :)

By Scott Spencer (not verified)

Thanks for all your hard work , it it without doubt the best logging software out there.Many thanks again.

By mike powell (not verified)