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Using Edit Logs

Using Edit Logs to change your data

EditLogs is intended for editing, updating and permanently changing the log databases. For searching logs then ViewLogs should be used.


If you only want to change one or two logged entries then it may be easier to use the procedure "How to delete registrations logged incorrectly"


Some knowledge of how PlaneBase logs your entries is useful to understand this process.


  • When you log a sighting then a entry is made in a log file called Full_log which maintains a record of everything logged whether you require it or not, so in fact a copy of your log book.
  • It also creates a record in a type file that corresponds with the aircraft type logged. If you log a Boeing 747 then that will appear in Full_log and the Jets section in the type database.
  • Although you can have many sightings logged for the same aircraft it will only have one entry made in the corresponding type file unless you have logged it with a different registration.
  • If you collect frames then the type file will only have the first logged entry.
  • The log files used are: Full_log - Jets - Props - Russian - Bizjets - Bizprops - Miltary - Genav




  • All changes or deletions need to be made twice - Once in the Full_log and once in the corresponding type file
  • Before using Editlogs please make sure you have backed up your data as changes as changes cannot always be reversed


EditLogs is opened from the Main Menu>Tools or using Shift+F9

Stage 1

If you have logged a number of aircraft at the wrong location or with the wrong date, then display the data you want to edit by using the boxes on the left hand side. 

  • Select the database - in this case Full_log
  • Show - in this case ALL
  • Select date - in this case 30/08/2014
  • Select location - in this case LTN
  • Select Type - in this case ALL
  • Then click on Display and the data will be displayed

I have logged all these at the wrong location so to start editing click on the data line you want to edit and then the data will appear in the boxes at the bottom of the screen. 

Now click in the Location field at the bottom of the screen and change the location as required and then click on the update button. Repeat this action in all the fields. 


However if you have many entries to change then there is a bulk entry function that will make all the changes at the same time. 


Click on Bulk Processes on the menu at the top of the window, the drop down will allow you  

  • Bulk Replace Date - this will replace the logged date of the displayed entries
  • Bulk Replace Location - this will replace the location of the displayed entries
  • Bulk Delete - this will delete the displayed entries


To change the location click on Bulk Processes > Bulk Replace Location and in the box that appears, add the new location details.

Then Press OK and all the location data will be changed.

The same principal applies to changing the date or the Operator or notes field if editing each line manually. The Bulk replace can only mass change dates or location (or Mass delete)


Stage 2

The same data needs to be changed in the respective types database. The types database will only show logged entries on this date if you have seen the airframe for the first time or with a new registration.


Starting with the Jets database.

The procedure is the same as stage 1, so click in a line of data and then click in the field you want to edit at the bottom of the screen and change the details and then press the update button.


The location needs to be changed from LTN to LHR. The Bulk Replace can be used to make the change as well.

It is important that you repeat this action to all the databases that have aircraft logged on this date Jets - Props - Russian - Bizjets - Bizprops - Miltary - Genav


Once you have completed these actions then you will have changed your data correctly and the seen history will match the logged details

Remember:  the same actions must be matched in all the relevant databases, whether you are making changes or mass deleting