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PlaneBase Error Messages


Error Message: Program has Timed Out:

PlaneBase has a program time limit and when that is reached you need to download the latest version.
The time limit is added to make sure that everyone is running a similar release of the program.

From the main menu in PlaneBase select Downloads>Latest program and run the downloaded file

Error Message: ckdberr 3343:

This error is displayed when one of the main databases in PlaneBase has been corrupted.


The solution is to download all the databases again.


PB >Main menu>Downloads and download all databases


Error Message: xxy error 53 position D1:
This error code appears when you are downloading the database files and generally means one of the files is not available to download.


We could be updating the files on the server so the file will be missing for a short time or there is a problem on the server.


Please wait and download the database files later and if the error still appears after 1 hour then please let us know


Error Message: Run time error 3021: No Current Record:
This message may appear when you search for a registration in the "current ID" box

The solution is to download all the databases again and/or download the latest program version


Error Message: srerr error: 3035 position A 

This message appears when starting PlaneBase and is a warning about system resources being low. Probably if there is not enough memory in your PC.


Please contact us for assistance.


Error Message: ierra2 error 3047
This message appears when you import your logs.


Retstart PlanebaseNG and download the databases again and then import your logs

Error Message: Error 3061
If after installing PlaneBaseNG version 2.5 you receive Error Message 3061, then you need to ensure All databases have been downloaded at least once after installing this version of PlaneBaseNG. 

This should stop the error messages.


If you normally only download Airline/Executive data then you can continue to do so after you have downloaded all the databases once.


Error Message: ckdberr error 3197

This error appears when you are downloading the databases and one of the files is unable to be installed.


This happens if you have been using PlaneBase and one of the database files has been locked open. 


The solution is to close PlaneBase and try again.


Error Message: logerr5 error - 3050

This message sometimes appears when you try to run a log report in Planebase.


This is a known issue with McAfree security products.


The only solution currently is to turn off real time scanning in the Mcafee product while you use PlaneBase.


Error Message: an error occurred while registering C\Windows\System32\ cdosys.dll

This can occur while registering C\Windows\System32\cdosys.dll appears during installation of PlaneBaseNG.


The solution is to Check your UAC settings


Windows menu > Control Panel > Users > User Accounts and then then select your user and then click on change User Account settings and change the UAC setting to never notify and then save. 


Restart your PC and then try installing PlaneBaseNG again. it is recommended that you right click on the set-up program and run as administrator.


Error Message: Fillogerr 3163 and Fillogerr 3163 Position A

The error message Fillogerr 3163 and Fillogerr 3163 Position A is displayed when locations that have names comprised of 25 Characters or more are used.

The solution is to use names with less that 25 characters or use three or four letter codes. Also check that there is not white space after the entry you have added which can occur when cutting and pasting data.

It is recommended that from the PlaneBase Main Menu run  Help>Other>tblupdate  which will reset the field

Error Message: The Application is already running

This message appears when PlaneBaseNG is already running. This can happen when you click on the PB icon when the program is already open. 


In certain situations the interface may not be available on the screen and you are unable to use PlaneBaseNG. 


The solution is to use Windows Task Manager to shut down PlaneBaseNG

   Open Windows Task manager

   Click on the "Processes" Tab

   Find Planebase2.exe in the list and highlight the name by left clicking on it

   Then click the "End Process" Button

   Click on "End Process" in the window that pops up

   Close Windows Task Manager

   Open PlaneBaseNG by clicking on the desktop icon

if this situation happens repeatedly then please let us know.

Error Message: VIGG ERROR 70

If you receive VIGG ERROR 70 messages when you use ViewLogs this means a file is open and cannot be accessed by PlaneBase.


The solution is to close down PlaneBase but as the Viewlogs screen may be locking the program then please wait a few minutes to see if the screen clears and the "Compiling data" message disappears. If not then close PlaneBase down and reopen and the the Error 70 message should not appear again.


Error message: 3031 - Not a valid password

If this message is displayed then please update Planebase to the latest program version.

Error Message: Component glxpbuttonz.ocx or one of its dependencies is not correctly registered

If you receive the following error message when you are installing PlaneBase

Component glxpbuttonz.ocx or one of its dependencies is not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid

This means PlaneBase has not installed correctl and the istructions have not been followed correctly.Normally item 3 has not been actioned.


Please delete the C:\PlaneBase folder on your hard drive and try the installation again


Current instructions are:-

1) Download PlaneBaseNG  , unzip and extract it (should default to c:\)

2)     Go to your c drive, locate and open the PlaneBase folder, then open the pb2_prog folder inside it.

3)     Click on setup.exe and install the main Planebase program. (If you get messages about current files being newer press Yes)

(When set up complete, if you get a message saying An error occurred registering the file C\Windows\System32\wininet.dll, press Ignore)

4)    Now download the Program Setup Files  , unzip and extract the current version of the program

5)     Then go back into Planebase folder on C drive and create a desktop short cut for the Planebase2.exe file (the one with PB in blue square)

6)     Open Planebase, go to downloads and click All Databases. Let it run which will take between 3-5 minutes depending on download speed.

When finished, press Exit and the program should open and be ready to use.

NOTE: If after installation you get “glxpbuttonz.ocx - file missing or invalid error:” Then the instructions were not followed word for word and you will need to delete the Planebase folder off your c drive and try again.