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Google Earth Feature

Introduced in July 2014, in order for us to enhance the recently added Google Earth facility in PlaneBase, we would like you to help us populate the data. 


Important: This feature requires Google Earth to be installed on your PC and it can be downloaded here.


If you search for OK-GBH in PB it will bring up an Il-62. To the right of the Base Line on the program you will see view acft in GE (you must have Google Earth data ticked in Options from the Main menu). If you click on view acft in GE it will open up Google Earth on your PC and take you to the location of the airframe. 


What we aim to do is add as many GE locations to airframes in PB that no longer fly. Be it a Mig on a stick, Mirage on a Roundabout, Jetstar in a scrapyard or 1-11 on a fire dump. The more we can add then the better research tool we can create for all so if you are on a road to nowhere looking for a NordAtlas in someone's back garden in France, if we have the GE co-ords and you have it pre mapped or are on-line whilst on the road, we might be able to help get you to it.


To make it work we need the following details sent to and not to the e-group.


  • Type.
  • Registration.
  • GE co-ords. The GE co–ords must be in Decimal Degrees only exactly as shown please.
    (In GE go to Tools > Options > Show Lat/Long and Decimal Degrees ticked)

 So for our example send in (one line per record so I can copy and paste) simply as:-

    IL62, OK-GBH, 48.85345 15.107733


The co-ords don’t need N, S, E or W adding nor any degree symbols or commas between the two co–ords.

Simply as shown above with just a space. If you can create bona fide co-ords set out as required then we will get them all added. 


However when you enter the co-ordinates you do need to use minuses where relevant. So for example an aircraft WFU at Heathrow would have a value along the lines of 51.470600 -0.461941.


Over to you.