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FAQ - PlaneBaseNG


Which Version of Windows will PlaneBaseNG and PB Lite run on?
PlaneBaseNG and PB Lite will run on Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. 

They will not run on the following operating SystemsWindows RT - Apple IOS - Android OS

Unfortunately we are no longer able to support Windows XP and download instructions will not be supplied for new installations. Windows XP is no longer supported by Microsoft and we have taken the decision that we can no longer support new installations on this operating system due to the numerous problems now encountered during installation. More details can be found on the Microsoft website

Log conversions for PlaneBaseNG
We are able to convert logs from many of the commercial databases and possibly from your own data and import them in to PlaneBaseNG.

Please send a email to us for more information by sending an email to


I have been told to read the PlaneBaseNG manual - Where is it?
The manual can normally be found in the PlaneBase folder on your hard drive (c:\planebase) 

If it is not present then you can download the latest version through the PlaneBaseNG program. From the Main Menu > Downloads and select manual.This will open in your Browser and you can then save it to a location of your choice or print it.

It can be downloaded directly here.


The manual is in PDF Format so Adobe Reader needs to be installed on your PC. Adobe reader can be downloaded here or from

How often is PlaneBaseNG data updated?

There are normally two data updates each week and are announced on the PlaneBase e-group when they are ready to download.

Full Data update - Tuesdays
   Airline and Executive
   General Aviation

Midweek Data update - Fridays
   Airline and Executive 

There will be occasions where we may need to change the schedule and this will be announced.

Do Data updates have to be downloaded in date order?

The updates can be downloaded at any time and it doesn't matter if you have missed an update so the data you are downloading is always the current data.

PlaneBaseNG is not working correctly?

If PlaneBase is not working as it should, try the following:

   Initially, try exiting the program and restarting it
   From the Main Menu >Help > Filecheck’ to ensure you have the required files and databases 
   Ensure any downloaded files have been unzipped and are not placed directly into the PB folders
   Ensure your databases have the latest set-up from the Main Menu > Help > Other > Tblupdate - Only run this once 
   Try downloading All the latest aircraft databases and import logs again 
   Ensure you have the latest program version

The US Army serials in PlanebaseNG are wrong?
The US Army serials appear to be incorrect in the database

 e.g.  Grumman C-20E carries 70140 on the tail which should be 87-0140


This example is in the Database as 87-00140 and we believe that All US Army serials currently presented in Planebase are correct.


It was only discovered around 2005 that US Army serials have five digits after the “-“ despite what is displayed on the tail. The full serial details appear in the data block on the port side under the cockpit. Many sources have either chosen to ignore this fact or just not aware of it. This is why US Army serials are often presented 'the old way' in many logs and online reports.


Therefore to search or log US Army aircraft then make sure there is five digits after the "-"


The registration I am searching for is not in PlaneBaseNG 

Before you send a email requesting aircraft to be added to the database, please double check your settings and that certain features may disrupt your search


Dash Auto Insert

  Main Menu > Dash Auto Insert

If this is activated then you can search for registrations without adding a dash and the system will make an attempt to find a match. i.e. GBNLE

In most cases this works without a problem but sometimes is unable to match the registration correctly.


Search for KAF342, A C-17 with the dash auto insert select and a message will appear to say that it cannot be found and do you want to search the history. 

If you look at the message it is clear that the system is looking for KA-F342.



This is one example of registrations that may cause a problem.

The solution is to turn off the Dash Auto Insert while you are searching for registrations that have this problem. You may want to switch this function of in multi logging if you are having issues matching registrations.


USAF quicksearch

  Main Menu > USAF quicksearch

If this is activated then you can search for USAF serials without adding a Fiscal Year and the system will make an attempt to find a match. i.e. 31687

In most cases this works without a problem but sometimes is unable to match the serial correctly.


Search for 16708, A C-295 with this feature activated and it will only return a L-19 Bird Dog, therefore this feature needs to be switched off while you search and then the C-295 will be returned as well.


Show Aircraft drop down boxes


Located at the top left of the main screen please make sure that these boxes have the correct options selected for your search


US Army Serials


Please read the help topic regarding these serials


PlaneBaseNG is not showing my seen aircraft in the side panel? 

If you have downloaded data updates recently then you always need to import your logs afterwards otherwise your sightings will not be seen in the side panel on the right of the main screen