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From Sunday 6th May at 6pm (GMT) until Monday 14th May at Midday (GMT) support will be closed so please only contact us if your request is of an urgent nature but you may not hear from us until we are back again.
You are able to post any non-technical questions to the group where there are a number of users who may be able to help you. 


Basic Reporting


How can I produce a list showing the active Airliners that I need - for example operated by British airlines.

On the front screen set Show Aircraft to Needed , set the Show Status to Active then from within the Search Menu option select Country Opr List and then enter G as the Base Country , before pressing Search make sure that both Jets and Props are ticked in the Include box. 

Choose from Text, Text (abbr) ,  Excel , Excel (abbr)  and press the Search button. If the abbr option is not selected then the report shows an airliner per row and gives aircraft type information. If the abbr option is selected then the report shows the information in columns with a maximum of 9 registrations per row. No aircraft type details are shown if the abbr option is selected.

Selecting the Include Needed Annotations creates a tick box in the left hand column. This feature only works in this way when abbr (abbreviated) has not been selected. If the Include Needed Annotations is ticked and abbr is chosen then a star is shown to the right of all needed registrations.

A few examples are shown below:

Text – Not Abbr (Abbreviated) – Include Annotations Not Ticked.
Royal Air Force (RRR)
ZH101 E3CF
ZH102 E3CF
ZH103 E3CF
ZH106 E3CF

Text – Not Abbr (Abbreviated) – Include Annotations Ticked
Royal Air Force (RRR)
[ ] ZH101 E3CF
[ ] ZH102 E3CF
[ ] ZH103 E3CF
[ ] ZH106 E3CF

Text – Abbreviated – Include Annotations Not Ticked.
Royal Air Force ZH101  ZH102  ZH103 ZH106

Text Abbreviate - Include Annotations Ticked.
Royal Air Force 
ZH101*           ZH102*           ZH103*           ZH106*    

How can I produce a list showing the aircraft that are under construction at Hamburg including their initial German registration?

From within the main Planebase screen select Tools from the menu bar and then Reports. 

From within the Reports screen drag the required columns to the grid. (Layouts can be saved.) Then:

  1. Set Source DB to Jets
  2. Build Location to XFW
  3. Status to On Order
  4. Set Sort as required

Include Full Details and Include Tick Box can be ticked if required.

Set destination as required and then click Create Report. 

How can I see how many Boeing 787’s I have seen this year that I needed?

From within the main PlaneBase click on the reports menu bar option and then select View logs. 

The program will compile the data. Once this has occurred set:

  1. Show – to Needed
  2. Set Sort as required
  3. Untick the All Dates option
  4. Tick the Range option
  5. Specify the From and To dates as required
  6. Set the Type to Boeing 787

Then press display. PB will then show the details of all Boeing 787’s made this year. The left hand corner shows the total.

View logs can be used in a whole variety of ways using all of the different search options available.